Example Terraform Skillet

This Skillet will launch a Terraform project. All user-inputs to the ‘variables’ section will be passed to terraform as terraform variables. Therefore, the ‘variable’ names should match the terraform variable names exactly. Any terraform ‘outputs’ will be automatically captured into the context for subsequent skillets to use.


name: azure_single_pavm

label: Azure Single PAN-OS VM-Series

description: Launch a single Single PAN-OS VM-Series in Azure.

type: terraform

    - Example Skillets

  - name: admin_username
    description: Admin Username
    default: panhandler
    type_hint: text
  - name: admin_password
    description: Admin Password
    type_hint: password
  - name: hostname
    description: Hostname
    default: panhandler-vm-01
    type_hint: text
  - name: resource_group
    description: Resource Group
    default: panhandler-unique-value-123
    type_hint: text

Terraform Variables

In this case, our variables from the skillet definition file match the variables that terraform expects. Here is a variables.tf file from this project:

variable "admin_username" {
  description = "PAN-OS NGFW Admin Username"
  default = "admin"

variable "admin_password" {
  description = "PAN-OS NGFW Admin Password"
  default = "admin"

variable "resource_group" {
  description = "Resource Group to use to build"
  default = "admin"

variable "hostname" {
  description = "Host name of the PA VM-Series"
  default = "pavm"

Any user input from Panhandler will be passed to terraform as a TFVAR.

Terraform Output Capturing

All terraform ‘outputs’ are automatically captured into the context. Here is a sample ‘outputs.tf’ file:

data "azurerm_public_ip" "pavm_public_ip_address_data" {
  name                = "${azurerm_public_ip.pavm_public_ip.name}"
  resource_group_name = "${azurerm_virtual_machine.pavm.resource_group_name}"

output "pavm_public_ip_address" {
  value = "${data.azurerm_public_ip.pavm_public_ip_address_data.ip_address}"

This will capture a variable named ‘pavm_public_ip_address’ in the Panhandler skillet context, where it can be used to pre-populate input fields in other skillets, or passed to other skillets via hidden variables, etc.

Snippet Details

The ‘snippets’ section contains all the type specific configuration. Terraform does not require a ‘snippet’ section as the skillet definition file is expected to live in the project root of the terraform project.